E-NA Black Sparkling Pack



Capacity: 30g

Key Ingredients: Water, DPG, lauryl betaine, ethyl par fluoroisobutyl ether, methyl par fluoroisobutyl ether, ethyl par fluorobutyl ether, methyl par fluorobutyl ether, (lye re-Reitz / acrylic acid alkyl (C10-30)) cross polymer, lauroyl methyl alanine Na, phenoxyethanol, hydroxylated K, hydroxyethyl cellulose, charcoal, PEG-60 hydrogenation castor oil, hydrogenation lecithin, cyclodextrin, BG, Na chloride, water-soluble proteoglycan, lime juice, orange fruit juice, hydrogen Na carbonate, lemon fruit juice, crataegus cuneata fruit extract, jujube fruit extract, grapefruit fruit extract, apple fruit extract, protease, phosphoric acid, phosphate Na, pentylene glycol

How to use:

How to use: ・Take an appropriate amount. ・Moisturize and apply foam on face. ・1-3 minutes later, it washes it away with tepid water.

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Black Sparkling Pack 30g

●Gel foams voluntarily when I apply it to skin, and new sense face wash 
● protease that the sense that a bubble of the small carbonic acid splits open on skin if pop is comfortable dismantles the dirt of the pore, and bamboo charcoal and a bubble of the small carbonic acid adsorb a dirt, and proteoglycan and various fruit extract give skin moisture. 
●Of three that are kind to skin is additive-free. Synthetic perfume, synthetic coloring agent, para-pen nonuse

How to use:
・Take an appropriate amount.
・Moisturize and apply foam on face.
・1-3 minutes later, it washes it away with tepid water.